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emailmktgNEW GLM webmail interface system

– Clients that have not transitioned to the new GLM webmail – CLICK HERE

E-Mail Client Software Settings

Please follow the procedure below carefully to configure your E-Mail account to use our E-Mail services. You should only need to make the changes requested in the procedure for the E-Mail software you are using.

For these procedures your full E-Mail address should look something like this

These are the common email settings to be used if your device is not listed below. 

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Outgoing port should be “2500”
Incoming port can be left at the default setting.
SMTP Authentication should be enabled

E-Mail Client Software Instructions and FAQ


Roundcube Email Client

Go to:  – Your username should be your complete email address. You must know your email password to login.

When an email gets marked as spam, it is put into the “Junk” folder. You can see this folder if you log into the webmail client here:

An email message that has been sent into your Spam folder can be dragged into your “Inbox”. If you want to stop this email from going to spam, forward the email to with “whitelist” somewhere in the subject.

You will login to Once logged in, go to Settings -> Account -> Password.
Remember, if you change your password through Roundcube, you must change your email password on each device that uses that account.

To stop an email from going into spam, we must “whitelist” the sender address. Forward the email that was marked as spam to with “whitelist” somewhere in the subject. We will add this address to the whitelist for your account.

Login to

Use these instructions to get to the settings page:

If you have certain email addresses you’d like to block, or filter, you can do this by logging in to your account and going to Settings->Account->Mail Filter. There is a helpful form that will guide you through setting up these kinds of filters.

After logging in to the webmail client at , the settings icon is in the upper right hand corner of the content area:



This is the settings page with several tabs across the center of the screen. Under the Account Folder, you will find management options for Password, Mail Filter, Auto Reply (out of office message) and Junk.