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Web Design

Since 1995, when our web development business began, we’ve contributed to the evolution of website design and custom development platforms, by creating unique web applications and methodologies that harness the goals of our clients website business plans.

Combined, we have over 150 years of experience in raw programming, web development, graphic design and marketing expertise, just within our in-house team.

responsive-designResponsive/Adaptive Websites
The goal of responsive/adaptive design is to optimize the viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Your website is planned with a layout that automatically adjusts to the size and specifications of the device it is being viewed of from smartphones to laptops.

User Experience (UX) /User Interface (UI)
The User experience guides our strategy throughout the web design process. “Does this page provide the information the user expects?” As with many things, the tiniest details can make the biggest difference in the user’s experience. The foundation of a usable website is a good plan. GLM accomplishes this goal by following three rules:

  • Consolidating routines – identify similar processes and use similar approaches.
  • Building patterns – put similar things in similar places so people can act through intuition.
  • Occasionally breaking the rules – know when an interface is genuinely unique.

Content Management System (CMS)
GLM uses WordPress as our base platform CMS, offering unrivaled power, flexibility and freedom within a CMS system. It is optimized for easy publishing and management of content with a rich text editor, image galleries and albums, multiple user accounts for maintaining the integrity of the website and so much more!

The Process

Discovery ⇒ Design ⇒ Development ⇒ Implementation

flameDiscovery Design Brief  – Our method of homework we give our clients to help organize their thinking on what and how they expect their website to feel, behave and interact with their visitors. With homework completed, we brainstorm, organize, research and complete the technical specification to create a solid plan for the design and interaction components the website requires.

flameCustom User Interface (UI) Design – Fully customized design to create a successful User Experience (UX). Our responsive/adaptive methodologies extend far beyond the PC view approach, taking ‘mobile first’ approach as our main guideline to achieve the ultimate user experience interface.  Our sites render beautifully between PC, Tablet and smartphone browsers.

flameImplementation – With final design approval, it’s time to ‘breakout’ and create the custom theme/code for the website. Organizing, programming and content migration is a crucial part of the development process. We work side by side with our clients to ensure a smooth transition for review prior to the site launch.

flameHand Coded Website Structure – We know exactly what we’ve written in order to make your website behave, engage and return the results your visitors are expecting. Why is this important? We have control issues here at GLM. Having spent over 18 years writing all of our own development and programming code, we found that using ‘pre-made, ready built WP themes’ comes with a lot of issues with how we need to customize our clients website interfaces and designs. Performance is key in developing a responsive/adaptive and intuitive website experience, and through trial and error, we have determined that writing custom themes gives us full control with how our clients website will function and behave for the visitor.

Secure Web Hosting and Monitoring

flameMaintenance and Monitoring – Once the website has launched (you popped open that bottle of champagne, right?) now it’s time to put that business plan into place. Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of website traffic, visitor conversion and search engine rankings is now crucial for the long term success of the website. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your website maintains a professional appearance, and meets visitor expectations by delivering a quality user experience (UX) that brings reoccurring visitor interactions and requests

flameSearch Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, and social media marketing reinforce your online presence and increases traffic to your website, thus creating new customers daily. Gaslight Media’s Search Engine Maintenance and SEO programs increase your site’s visibility on the internet by improving its placement on search engines and integrating with your social media efforts.