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Custom Development

We take pride in the fact that we  hand code our websites, utilizing a variety of languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP, just to name a few.  We feel this empowers our clients to better manage and contribute to the success of their website content, visitor transactions, and search engine traffic, by controlling the website interfaces and custom themes we create.

WordPress Plug-In Development and Web Applications
Gaslight Media is recognized as a industry leader for creating and implementing custom web applications for our clients. Currently, we are migrating those applications into WordPress plug-ins, bringing years of proprietary development applications into this ‘open source environment’. In doing so, this has enabled us to customize the WordPress dashboard interface, which includes updating our clients WordPress sites and plug-ins routinely, to ensure the latest version and security updates are being done.


The GLM Associate is a member/business directory WordPress Plug-in providing management tools for organizations and their members, creating a collaborative and interactive business listing directory with custom search criteria, events calendar, visitor leads and package/coupon deals for your website visitors. Responsive design and display, featuring mobile friendly integration with mapping software, calendars, form requests and social sharing.

Highlights and Features of the GLM Associate

  • Member Profiles – Multiple member profiles can be created and stored under a member record, creating an opportunity to customize their business profile listing for seasonal descriptions, events and photo galleries
  • Multiple Administrators & Access – Setup multiple administrators and provide different levels of access according to your needs. Set access and administration permissions for individual user accounts, provide read only access, restrict access to dashboard, pages, events, visitors lead forms, and more!
  • Members Only Area – Privately accessed area of your website, providing member only content pages, posts, member profile management, events, contacts, package/coupons, and visitor leads.
  • Administration Management – Control and manage membership categories, set search criteria options for visitors, create an intuitive front end display of member profiles, incorporate custom short codes for specific filtered member lists.
  • Event Calendar – Promote destination events that are entered and managed by members, or from a front end submission event form that your community businesses and leaders can add, flagged for review and approval. Event profiles include geo mapping, share to calendar or social networks feature, option to link to purchase tickets, printable PDF function for event listings, searchable date range options, recurring event option for one record entry that displays for all dates applicable, so and much more!
  • Website Integration – Integration of the member/business directory listings, search options, page content management, event calendar and displays, timely packages that can be fully controlled by the website administrators. The total package in creating fresh, timely content that website visitors can visit, plan and share!

GLM Associate Add-Ons

  • Event Registration – Create event registration forms for unique events that require advance sign up
  • Visitor Leads – Members can search by date range and areas of interest, downloading your visitor leads that have given permission to your organization to share their contact information with your members. Administrators of the website have full access to all visitor contacts, with additional groups and search criteria available for their custom profiling of visitors.
  • Special Packages – Package add-on includes start/end date, expiration date fields, image and text description, URL and price field. Formatted and styled within your website to display on independent member profile pages, as well as your custom package page that contains all your members package offers.
  • Newsletter Integration – Contacts are automatically subscribed to your GLM Communicator account, giving you a platform for electronic email communications. Other communication plug-ins are available for select third party vendors (ie: Mail Chimp, Constant Contact)

Applications and Plug-ins

flameMember/Business Listing Database – online business directory created for complete client management and member only interface

flameGLM Block Plug-in – home page and interior function to post image blocks, text and links both internal and external

flameOnline Ticket System – sell and manage ticketed events, attraction entrance fees, packaged tickets and custom vouchers that can be printed or scanned

flameEvents Calendar – Built for simple and complex events, our events calendar can be integrated with our Member/Listing database giving your members the ability to post and manage their own events. Perfect environment for a member based association, especially Convention and Visitors Bureaus or Chamber of Commerce organizations

flameEvent Housing System – Convention and Sport Team online accommodation booking system with block assignments, reservations, team and coordinator controls and inventory management – just to name a few key features offered

flameMerchant eSolutions Payment Gateway – the first and only authorized plug-in available for WooCommerce