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Posted on February 17th, 2016

Gaslight Media is continuing to dominate the WordPress world, creating custom, mobile friendly, responsive/adaptive designed websites that give our clients complete management of their website and visitor interaction. We have also been busy writing custom plug-ins for our clients to utilize within their websites, and selling to other developers to help with their production needs.

While it’s been a huge learning curve for our entire team over the past 18 months since making migration to work within a ‘common environment’, the pay-off is finally coming to fruition. With nearly 20 years in the web development world, technology is ever changing. The goal of Gaslight Media is to provide the best product possible through time-proven programming methodology and our own unique administrative tools.

Why WordPress?
Over 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress, from simple websites and blogs to complex intranet and corporate sites. It’s┬áthe most popular CMS system in use (23.5% of ALL websites) and it’s popularity keeps growing. WordPress is an excellent platform, offering customizable tools and plug-ins, and the WordPress source code is updated 60-80 times per day! Not only is it secure, stable, and easy-to-use, but it offers tons of customization and a variety of responsive plug-ins.