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Optimizing Social Media for your Business

Posted on April 13th, 2016

Understanding the relationship between search engine optimization and social media, is key to optimizing and improving your positioning in the Search Engines. With so many businesses and organizations using social media, its imperative that your online presence be accurate and plentiful. Gaslight Media would like to help improve your understanding of that relationship, by providing some very important SEO strategies.

Social Search Engine Optimization

Social Search Engine Optimization, refers to the idea that ‘social media links’ and interaction, play an important part in a websites search rankings. Optimization is about tweaking content. Its also about making sure that content is used for your website, social media and blog posts. Below, are 3 very important Social Search Optimization tips.

1.) Completely fill in your social media profile

  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Use search words or phrases that describe your business
  • Use terms that individuals might use to search for your business
  • Include your address, city, state, and zip

Search Engines look for authenticity of businesses and organizations. They want to make sure that you are, who you say you are. One way to be authentic, is to have a physical address listed (brick and mortar). And last, always include links from your social profiles, that lead back to your main website.

2.) Optimize your social media content/text

  • Include relevant search keywords in your Facebook posts and tweets
  • ‘Share’ content from your website or blog, by posting on Facebook or Twitter
  • Give a new section of your website a boost, by creating a link from your social media post

Do NOT copy and paste the same text from one platform to another. This could have a negative effect. The major search engines have a duplicate content filter which means that they do not like to index two pages with the same content. This used to just apply to two entire pages that are the same, but now can apply to even portions of pages.

3.) Utilize Pinterest to its fullest

Another great way to share content, is through Pinterest. When creating boards and pins, be sure to do the following:

  • Add keywords within the title of a board and in the description (this is important)
  • Verify the links actually direct users to specific areas within your website (specific to what you’re targeting)
  • Add/share high-quality images

Pinterest is useful for ‘link building’ and improving your keyword reach. Because Search Engines index pages from websites such as Pinterest, that have heavy traffic. This is especially useful for destinations or even special promotions or offers.

Triple check the following:

Is your business’s social media site public?
Is your Facebook page or Profile instead of a Page?
Did you customize your Facebook address (url)?
Did you make the business’s name as your Facebook name or Twitter name?
Did you copy or duplicate another website’s content?

Gaslight Media specializes in Search Engine Optimization for all types of businesses and organizations. If you’re already enrolled in one of our Search Engine Programs, we’d be happy to help improve your rankings. If you’re NOT on one of our programs, feel free to contact us to find out how we can help improve your online presence today.