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E-Mail Management & Spam

Posted on September 27th, 2016

At Gaslight Media we understand the challenges Internet users face sending and receiving E-Mail. In a perfect world, all legitimate E-Mail would reach the intended destination immediately and there would be no SPAM (unsolicited advertising) for you to filter through and delete. As much as we would like that perfect world, we can’t have it, at least not yet. For now, there will continue to be times when legitimate E-Mail just doesn’t get delivered or is delayed and some SPAM will continue to intrude into our lives. The challenge is sorting out how to make the best of the E-Mail world we have.

In the case of E-Mail, this means striking a balance between the effective delivery of E-Mail while minimizing the amount of SPAM that does make it through to you. As much as we would like to eliminate all SPAM before it hits your in-box, taking SPAM filtering to that level would result in us blocking some portion of legitimate mail. Many of our customer’s businesses and organizations rely on E-Mail and the loss of even a few messages is a real concern to them. So, we can’t and won’t guarantee that you’re inbox will be SPAM free, but will do our best to limit SPAM while ensuring highly reliable delivery of legitimate E-Mail.

As you may know, we once again are running our own E-Mail servers and are in the process of moving customers back from the contracted service we had be using for some time. A primary reason for doing so was that the service was tilted more toward eliminating SPAM, which also caused a higher loss of critical E-Mail. That may be OK for casual E-Mail users, but for most of our customers, it wasn’t the best balance. It was also difficult for us to track and resolve delivery and abuse issues and took more time to do so because we didn’t have direct access to the systems filtering and delivering the mail. With that control back in our own hands, we can now quickly resolve the inevitable issues that arise and can adjust the severity of SPAM filtering to be more consistent with the needs of our customers.

emailmktg-260x220Over time, we’ve been able to refine this balance and have considerably reduced the delivery of SPAM to our customers. At this time we’re actually deleting around 60% of all E-Mail directed to our customers addresses. Yes, there is that much SPAM! Moving forward, we hope to continue to improve the accuracy of SPAM detection in our servers and the reliability of legitimate mail delivery. We ask that you help us better identify unwanted SPAM and trust us to help you where our filters appear to be to catching mail you wish to receive.

Visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding our E-Mail services and working with E-Mail in general along with answers and explanations. Please refer to this page when you have questions or concerns regarding E-Mail. However, if you don’t find answers here, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We pledge to apply the experience of our more than 20 years delivering and supporting Internet services toward providing you with the best balanced and most effective E-Mail delivery possible.


Chuck Scott, President
Gaslight Media