The guide will show you how to upload and place images to your website with NextGen

Uploading Images
Editing Images
Managing Albums
Inserting Galleries


1. Select or hover over the “Gallery” or “NexGen Gallery” icon in the admin menu. There, click on “Add Gallery/Images”.
In the page that shows up, you can either select an existing gallery to add images to, or "Create a new gallery", like we do here:
2. Once you've made your selection, click on "Add Files" and select the images you wish to add.
3. Click "Start Upload". Each successfully uploaded image will have a checkmark next to it, and the page will refresh.
(Skip to step 14 if you want to get right to placing these images on a page)

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4. In the Admin bar, select "Manage Galleries", and then on the new gallery you've created.
5. Scrolling down this page a little, you'll see a bunch of useful information about each image. Here you can do such things as change the title and the description of an image. Looks like this is needed for our third image. If you have the Image Optimizer, here you will also see how well it was able to optimize your image.
6. Simply enter the desired information into the boxes.
7. On this page you can perform a variety of useful functions, such as copying images into another gallery, or deleting several images at once. Be sure to have a look at the "Bulk actions" dropdown menu, which are applicable to each image you mark the respective checkbox for.
8. Make sure to SAVE CHANGES when you're done!

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9. Click on the "Manage Albums" link on the admin bar. Albums are collections of Galleries, like Galleries are collections of Images.
10. Like the creation of a gallery (see above), one can either select an Album to edit, or create a new one by giving it a name. In this example we name it "album1".
11. Just press "Add" to confirm the creation.
12. However, we decided "album1" is a terrible and non-descriptive name. Fortunately, hitting "Edit Album" allows you to change the information of this album, and set the preview image to use as the thumbnail for it.
Press "OK" when you're finished. Then press UPDATE to save your changes.
13. Depending on your changes this may take a few seconds. Wait until a message reading "Updated Successfully" appears at the top of the page.

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14. Go into the editor of the page you wish to place your images on, and after placing the cursor where you want them to be inserted, select the green box in the ribbon labeled "Attach NextGEN Gallery to Post".
15. A new menu will pop up. For placing a gallery on the page, select "NextGEN Basic Thumbnails", and for placing an album, select "NextGEN Basic Compact Album".
16. Click on "What would you like to display?" and select the appropriate source (most likely Galleries), and the specific gallery you'd like to add. In this example we're using the my-new-gallery earlier created.
You could add an album instead, if you prefer to.
17. Gaslight Media sets up a custom image gallery template for each client, which we call "gallery-glmphotos". For the best display, select that one from the list if you're adding a gallery. If you're adding an album, select "gallery-glmalbums" instead. Feel free to experiment with the others, but they might not look as pretty.
18. Once added, the preview thumbnail of the gallery will show up in the editor. If you need to make any changes to the inserted gallery, you need only click on it.
Be sure to press UPDATE! Wait for the "Page Updated" message to appear at the top of the page.
19. Behold the products of your labor.

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See below for an example of the process outlined above.



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