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Official Launch of the GLM Event Housing Reservation System

Make your destination more appealing to group tour and event planning professionals by offering online reservations on your CVB/DMO Web site!

Upward Initiative 2012 Tourism and Professional Development Conference

The UPWard Initiative tourism group is made up of  volunteers from both the private and public sectors

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Broadband/Internet Solution Fills ARRA Stimulus Project Gap for Institutions

June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010 – Petoskey, MI – Many Broadband development projects funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are a year or two away from completion. In the mean time, Michigan's community institutions and larger businesses are struggling to obtain and afford sufficient Broadband (Internet) capacity to support their rapidly expanding needs. Today, Gaslight Media announces a new product specifically tailored to quickly fill this widening gap for organizations with limited budgets.

Unlike conventional high-capacity Broadband offerings, Gaslight Media's “Broadband Stimulus” for Michigan's institutions does not require expensive fiber construction or tall wireless towers. Instead, this product delivers nearly unlimited bandwidth by combining and managing multiple less expensive connections already available across much of Michigan. This approach also offers a high-degree of redundancy to ensure reliable service and can often be installed in a matter of days. Speeds for this product start at 10 to 20 Mb/s and may be easily increased as needed up to 100 Mb/s or more.

“This is an exciting time for Broadband services.” comments Chuck Scott, President and owner of Gaslight Media. “The federal government is funding an array of Broadband projects around our state that will, in time, offer better solutions. Unfortunately, some organizations simply can't wait, so we developed this product specifically to fill that gap.”

Gaslight Media's “Broadband Stimulus” for Michigan's institutions and businesses is currently available in communities across the state, and in many cases can be subsidized with federal dollars. Interested organizations should contact Gaslight Media at 231-487-0692 to determine if their specific locations qualify for this service and if additional funding is available. The service may be used separately from other existing Internet connections, integrated with existing connections, or as the only Broadband/Internet service to the facility. Consulting services are also available to help these organizations best utilize this service and to prepare for future Broadband development.

Gaslight Media, well known for developing many of Michigan's travel and tourism related Web sites, has been engineering and operating Internet and Broadband networks since 1995. Mr. Scott and the other communications engineers at Gaslight Media have considerable experience with network development and deployment, operation and management, and a full range of network services. For more information please contact Gaslight Media at 231-487-0692.

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