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Official Launch of the GLM Event Housing Reservation System

Make your destination more appealing to group tour and event planning professionals by offering online reservations on your CVB/DMO Web site!

Upward Initiative 2012 Tourism and Professional Development Conference

The UPWard Initiative tourism group is made up of  volunteers from both the private and public sectors

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The Gaslight Media Team

Gaslight Media's success is not a coincidence, it's due to the knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff. With over a dozen employees, Gaslight Media has established itself as Northern Michigan's leading provider of business Internet services.

Charles Scott, President

Starting in 1994, Chuck built Freeway Internet Services with partner Jim Cook and assisted in the establishment of the Internet systems and services at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. He is proficient in network construction and routing, RF network engineering, Linux and PC based servers and systems, programming in C, C++, PHP, and SQL. Jim and Chuck were both instrumental in building much of the initial Internet connectivity in rural areas of Northern Michigan.

Chuck received an FCC First Class license and worked with various broadcast facilities and a broadcast engineering firm that designed, built, and maintained broadcast systems and installations. He was chief engineer of a 10KW FM station in Detroit.

Chuck worked with Applied Research Labs doing installation and maintenance of spectrochemical analysis equipment including optical emission, X-Ray florescence, plasma, and mass spectrometers. He became ARL’s Midwest regional service manager for a five state region. Before moving to Petoskey, he wrote software for PC systems including the first resident program manager (remember TSRs?) and then for a company in Ann Arbor that produces text editing software for programmers.

Jodie Bissonette, V.P. & General Manager

Jodie was also a valued member of the Freeway team, becoming familiar with the full spectrum of ISP services Freeway offered and providing front line customer support and consulting to dedicated connectivity and Internet content customers. Jodie became Vice President and General Manager of Gaslight Media at its inception and has since been responsible for the overall management of Gaslight Media as well as the entire sales effort.

Jodie’s commitment to the tourism industry extends not only in her consulting role with our tourism related clients, but also includes her annual participation in tourism industry related conferences, seminars and speaking engagements. Jodie also serves as a current board member for the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce and the West Michigan Tourist Association.

Dave Wright, V.P. Technical Engineering and Security Officer

Dave brings extensive experience in RF and IP network engineering to the Gaslight Media team. Dave engineered much of the Freeway network and systems before moving to Voyager Information Systems where he aided in the integration of those two networks. He has now been with Gaslight Media for eight years. The reliability and performance of the present Gaslight Media network is due to his engineering talents.

Dave is a broadcast and RF communications engineer who received an FCC First Class license. He has worked in a variety of fields including commercial satellite uplink and downlink installations. Among his responsibilities at Gaslight Media is the engineering of RF networking links and accurately predicting the reliability over time of those assets.

Dennis Hoshield, Network Operations Manager

Dennis Hoshield, a familiar voice to many of our clients, is the network operations manager of Gaslight Media. Dennis’s responsibilities range from internals sever, network, and database administration and development, to client-side WAN (Wide Area Network) design, implementation, Internet connectivity, and technical support. His experience spans more than two decades in the industry, he has an extensive background in what businesses need and expect out of their data systems.

Dennis has been ‘in’ the Internet from its infancy, helping to establish one of Northern Michigan’s first access points at North Central Michigan College. Prior to Gaslight Media, he worked for Michigan Bell for 11 years, where he got his first taste of database work, compiling his own data to be more efficient in servicing payphones in his area. Hoshield then moved to Petoskey and left Michigan Bell. He started his own company, YOUR Computer Services, where he sold, installed, and serviced computers, design and implemented networks, and continued client database development for 15 years. Hoshield sold his business and joined BCS Networks in Traverse City, where he increased his Wide Area Network knowledge.

Steve Sutton, Software Engineer

Steve has been working at Gaslight Media since 2000. Through years of education at NRI, NCMC and self study, Steve has become proficient in PHP, Java, SQL, C, C++ and Linux based systems. His role is critical in developing and maintaining Gaslight Media's applications. Before working for Gaslight Media, Steve served in the U.S. Army's 2-4 Cavalry Regiment in the Gulf War as a helicopter crew chief.

In his spare time, Steve is a Master Instructor (Sabom Nim) for Northern Martial Arts, in Charlevoix.  Steve is a 4th degree black belt in HapKiDo and has been training in HapKiDo since 2005.

Alicia Wallace, Client Relations & Marketing Manager

After over 10 years in Arizona, Alicia was excited to return to the beauty that is Northern Michigan. A Northern Michigan native, Alicia received her BS from Central Michigan University, with a focus on marketing and business administration. An outgoing A-type, she excels at project management and customer relations. Some of her past endeavors have included marketing project manager at an international health and wellness company, account manager at two national advertising agencies, and she even served on the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition Board of Directors. In her spare time, Alicia can usually be found at the beach or in the woods enjoying the outdoors.

Anthony Dwyer, Search Engine Development

A familiar name to many of our clients, Anthony has been creating websites and developing internet marketing strategies since 1996. He has been an employee of Gaslight Media since its inception, focusing on Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing for most of our clients. Anthony has extensive knowledge and insight in coding and indexing Web sites, always keeping up with industry trends, delivering the results our clients seek when they participate in our SEO program. Anthony is fortunate enough to work with us and our clients remotely from Mexico. When he is not working, he enjoys warm days on the beach with family.

Candace Pierce, Office Manager

As many of our clients know, Candace is the voice of Gaslight Media. Her role is critical in working with all of our departments to help facilitate our human resource aspects, as well as managing all Gaslight Media accounts.

Candace has worked for Gaslight Media since 1998. Before that she worked for Freeway Internet Services handling all the businesses accounting needs, from payables to receivables as well as customer service.

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