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Making News

Official Launch of the GLM Event Housing Reservation System

Make your destination more appealing to group tour and event planning professionals by offering online reservations on your CVB/DMO Web site!

Upward Initiative 2012 Tourism and Professional Development Conference

The UPWard Initiative tourism group is made up of  volunteers from both the private and public sectors

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Other Cool Stuff

Over the years we have developed lots of other really cool applications that our clients have grown to love. We can't possibly list them all, but here are a few:

Magic Forms - your solution to online form management.

This application gives you the power to create as many fields as you need to complete the online form (s) that you wish to present on your Web site. This includes the ability to create multiple choice question/answers, yes/no options and define charges for your items to process online credit card transactions.

We have constructed this application to essentially put you in control of creating the exact form and fields that you need for your event that requires registration, a membership application, donations - whatever you need to create in order to offer this feature on your Web site.

Gaslight Media Magic Forms Application Offers:

  • Unlimited Custom Registration Forms
  • Unlimited Registration Types
  • Group Registration with Attendee Management
  • Automated Confirmation Emails
  • Searchable Registrant Database, with exportable reports
  • Secure Links to all forms on your site
  • Lead generation for email marketing

Payment Options for your visitors can include:

  • Credit Card Processing, and integration with Your Merchant Account
  • Paypal
  • Pay at Event
  • Custom Pricing for multiple registration levels
  • Pricing By Registration Type
  • Discount Codes

File Exchange Server

The Gaslight Media File Exchange will give you the ability to exchange large files with your clients or vendors with an easy to use administration interface. ISP's are placing more and more restrictions on the size and content of email messages. The File Exchange eliminates having to use email or complicated protocols to transfer data or image files. Virtually unlimited file sizes avoids the need for courier delivery and guarantees the delivery of your files!

Features of this application include:

  • Manager account to administer the File Exchange
  • Managers may add any number of File Exchange users
  • Specific users may be designated as a chief
  • A Chief manages the distribution of files to a group of users
  • Individual users may be a member of multiple groups of users
  • Accommodates virtually unlimited file sizes or limit file sizes by user
  • Send multiple files at the same time
  • Unique upload monitor tracks progress while uploading large files
  • Send files to more than one recipient or to an entire group at a time
  • Automatically notifies a recipient that a file has been sent to them
  • Detects when a recipient has actually received (downloaded) a file
  • Can notify sender when all recipients had viewed a file
  • Records all access to files, who accessed them, from where, and when
  • Secure file transfer to and from the file exchange
  • Password protected access to the File Exchange
  • Tamper resistant to protect files from unauthorized access
  • Easier than FTP, RCP, and other Internet file transfer tools
  • More reliable than attaching files to E-Mail
  • Requires only an Internet connection and any standard Internet browser software

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