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Official Launch of the GLM Event Housing Reservation System

Make your destination more appealing to group tour and event planning professionals by offering online reservations on your CVB/DMO Web site!

Upward Initiative 2012 Tourism and Professional Development Conference

The UPWard Initiative tourism group is made up of  volunteers from both the private and public sectors

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Economic development and retention are critical factors in the success of communities.

Communities looking for an edge to draw developers and businesses to their area, are realizing that Broadband services and a comprehensive on-line presence are key to that success. Careful planning and development of these resources requires a broad range of experience in both on-line marketing and Broadband engineering. The developers, engineers, and consultants at Gaslight Media bridge the gap between these often separate disciplines and therefore offer your community a better opportunity for economic success.

Many communities have beautiful vistas, interesting activities, and easy access to transportation for travelers enjoying their vacation. When it comes to attracting new businesses and development opportunities, the availability of technology services and quick access to information make a critical difference in the long term success of an community.

Gaslight Medias' consulting services can help your economic development organizations understand which Broadband technologies are best suited to your community, how you can best seek their development, and help avoid difficulties along the way. Just as important as developing these technology resources is getting the word out that your community is well planted in the 21st century. Gaslight Media's range of on-line applications and services bring your message to the world, and say that you're community is open for business.

Case Study: Emmet County Michigan


Gaslight Media developed, installed and maintains a wide range of broadband services throughout Emmet County. Dedicated T-1 connections provide the Internet bandwidth to the Emmet County Building and the Pellston Regional Airport. This WAN connection facilitates Broadband services to the airport’s Business Center, pilot house and the wireless access units throughout the terminal. These same T-1 connections also feed airport security camera images back to the Emmet County Sheriff’s Department in Petoskey, Michigan.

The goals and objectives for Emmet County in developing their Web site presence included enhancing the visitor experience and highlighting their economic development strategies.  These goals were achieved in the strategic development of their Web site – giving the Web site administrators real time management of all content, images and events as well as continued growth - without needing a Webmaster on staff.

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