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Official Launch of the GLM Event Housing Reservation System

Make your destination more appealing to group tour and event planning professionals by offering online reservations on your CVB/DMO Web site!

Upward Initiative 2012 Tourism and Professional Development Conference

The UPWard Initiative tourism group is made up of  volunteers from both the private and public sectors

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Gaslight Media Data Backup Service

Gaslight Media, a company you already know and trust,  offers secure On-site/Off-site Data Backup services  tailored to meet your specific needs. Gaslight takes the worry out of backups by managing your backup servers and software for you.

The GLM On-Site Data Backup service uses a simple Web  interface to allow your business to restore a single file, a folder or all of the data files on a PC. No confusing or difficult to understand software!

Fast complete backups are done on YOUR local high speed network, allowing you to backup 'everything' rather then being forced to chose only your most important files and data.  At regular intervals during low Internet demand (off hours) complete backups are checked, compressed (with optional file encryption ) and transmitted by encrypted data connections to GLM's Off-Site Backup servers located in our Data Centers.

Your backup data is secure with Gaslight Media. Everything sent from your systems to ours and back is automatically encrypted to ensure privacy. Gaslight Media will always store your backup files locally on systems in our secure local data centers.

Gaslight Media knows there is no "one size fits all" data backup service. Our service is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements. It's the most efficient, cost-effective backup service available, right here in Northern Michigan. Our engineers review and monitor your data backup activity to make sure your backups aren't taking too long or require configuration changes to ensure the most reliable and efficient service.

On-Site Data Backup Service Features

  • Complete on-site restoration services including facility, utilities, computers, and backup restoration
  • No per computer license fees or costly update licenses to buy!
  • GLM's On-Site Data Backup service uses a simple Web interface to allow our customers to restore a single file, a folder or all of the DATA files on a PC. No confusing or difficult software to understand!
  • Local Backup Server(s) located at the customer's premise to backup large numbers of files locally and provide quick access to backups
  • Off-hours network backup to GLM's Data Centers and/or removable drives for off-site storage of critical data.
  • On-Site personal backup configuration assistance  - Our network engineers work closely with our customer to determine which computers and files need to be backed up to insure the customers business is not impacted by accidental file deletions, computer failures, disasters or employee malice.
  • GLM backup servers are sized to meet the customers data needs. Redundant storage options and portable media are available for enhanced data protection.
  • On-site backup equipment support, maintenance, and expansion recommendations
  • GLM actively monitors the backup systems remotely and notifies the customer when changes or problems to the customers network or computers affect security of the backup.
  • Enhanced security, NSA grade encryption, and a range of network IT services available

For additional information or to discuss your data backup needs, please contact Gaslight Media today at 231-487-0692 or Contact Us

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